drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Cataloging, Cataloging

Okay, I've put my photos of the back stacks of books on two bookcases on my laptop. These stacks are now covered by the front stacks, which I'm currently cataloging.

I've decided not to delete books I no longer own, but to put "Discarded" in the status column. I've also made up a code to tell me which shelf of which bookcase a book is on. The cases are numbered in order of cataloging, but this should suffice for my purposes.

As the front stack is unread books, I've had to enter new stuff. I have thus far resisted the urge to add a column to detail when a book was acquired.

The bulk of my work here is still the sort of thing that I need to do manually, and would even with software. Besides, there's a pleasure from handling the books and typing in all of the titles personally.

I have 3 more bookcases in the study after the one I'm working on (which I likely won't finish tonight because the hardbacks may get resuffled). Then, there's one and a half bookcases in the living room.

After that, there's mneme books to tackle, some of which started off as mine and so will already be in the spreadsheet.

And, I want to review the gaming spreadsheet, as there's been some turnover and acquisition.

After that, I want to add CDs and tapes, non-manga comics (as the manga are likely to get added during the book phase, as they are mostly either on a single shelf or in a small stack on the floor), and our DVDs and video tapes.

I want a samll box for definitions of small that include "Substantially larger than a shoe box". There are some books I want to keep because they are Arthurian, and there are several reasons I might want to look at them at some point, but they do not have to stay on the shelf. I have 2 boxes full of them, and these really should get cataloged. A third box could perch atop the first two.

The Out pile is growing. I really hope that lordess can come up either next weekend or the one after, as there's stuff in that pile I think she'd enjoy.
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