drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Another Musical

mneme and I just saw the movie version of Annie Get Your Gun. It's shorter than the stage version, and has the same uncomfortable parts, e.g., "I'm An Indian Too" and the fact that, ultimately, it's about a woman who is willing to be less than she could be because she's in love with a man who is a generous winner, but a very poor loser. Even though two of the male characters in the show tell him what a jerk he is, this one's more dated than any of the musicals we've yet rented for the upcoming larp, though it's still very watchable. It's energetic, and the only reason I think of the musical numbers as looking obviously staged is that The Music Man is superb and fresh in my head.

The real Annie Oakley, if wikipedia can be trusted on the subject, was amazing, and the real Frank Butler a much nicer guy than the Butler of the musical. When he realized that Annie was the better shooter, he became her assistant. He died soon after she did, because he stopped eating when she died.
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