drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

And that's a wrap!

The larp's over with much thanks all around, and folks looking forward to the second. I'm hoping that'll lean more toward the Grease and Hairspray and Little Shop of Horrors end, and less toward the grittier Chicago and Sweeney Todd -- but that's all up to group consensus. So long as I can dance my hat off, I'll be fine.

Today's highlights included Sarah Brown's Save a Soul revival meeting, where the missionary got huge amounts of money from reformed gangsters and not so reformed gangsters, and there were not 2 songs, as planned, but three, and a lot of weddings.

Then, the World Wide Wickets arc resolved. Remembering the time I climbed up onto a school chair's table only to have the whole thing collapse under me, I asked if the nearby table could support, oh, 65 to 70 kilos. I was told no, most emphatically, but Frump's player got me a chair to stand on for the "Brotherhood of Man" song, and it really did help with the singing. After that, Frump promised to do things "The Company Way", likely because it allowed for the song to be slotted in.

As the Little League game started playing, I asked Buffalo Bill's player if Frank and Annie needed help with their romance, and he pointed me to them. This turned out to be useful, as my character knew that Annie needed to lose to Frank for him to marry her, no one else had told her, and no one had tampered with the guns. Everyone wanted to help these two get together, and they needed all the help they could get.

Professor Hill's band played about as well as they do in the movie, and, when it became clear that no one else would start it, I called out, "That's my boy!"

The Peanuts gang, despite their honest best efforts, lost the ball game. Annie, quite deliberately, lost the shooting contest, quite dramatically, as we weren't sure whether they would go for the "tie" ending or the "Frank wins" ending.

And, we ended with the song "Happiness", cut short a couple of verses, which was fine.

Next was game wrap, where I asked a question that had been puzzling me: "How could little Randolph, the Mayer's son, defuse a bomb?"

"Oh," said Mike. "He's a scientific genius."


"He's a scientific genius."

Mike had merged the Shinns with a family from Bye Bye Birdie, and in that family, the kid merged into Randolph was a scientific genius.

And, in a surprise twist to the gangster turf war between Big Jules and Nathan Detroit, Lilly St. Regis won.

Mike says we took this game and pushed it in ways he had never dreamed of. I hope he gives examples. I know I didn't see everything going on.

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