drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Big Laptop Spiral

My Asus laptop is starting to die, I think. Apart from the power issue, it no longer goes online. And, the dvd player now seems unwilling to read even a dvd it burned. Ah well.

So, I'm wanting something with XP -- or possibly linux, but not Vista! And, I'd like it to have a built in cd / dvd /read / writable drive. A nice big hard drive would be cool too. A swivel screen would be nifty. And under 5 pounds is best.

mneme found something close. 60 gb hard drive isn't big, but under 3 pounds, swivel screen, and build in cd / dvd / et ceteera drive. Unfortunately, it is Vista, which I detest. I'm thinking I should go more laptop and less netbook for the laptop. We shall see. First, though, time to back everything up with multiple redundancy and see if restoring to factory condition will help.
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