drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Monitoring Laptop

At odd intervals, when I turn on my laptop, it boots up and then shuts down suddenly. When I turn it back on, it, understandably, decides to run disc checking. (I could stop it, but I don't want to.)

So, I'm trying to see if there's a pattern to when this happens. I've noticed it happening when I first boot up my computer at crash_mccormick's, though not every time, not by a long shot. Not today, when I was there, happily. By the end, our larp wiki was behaving oddly on the laptop browser, though.

Once before, when I come home from crash-mccormick's, the laptop did this. This hadn't happened in a while, but it happened tonight. I turned it on. The fan got audibly louder. It turned itself off. I turned it back on. It checked this disc for errors. Now, it's back up.
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