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Recent Reading

After finishing The Magical Mirror of the Mermaid Queen, I went on to The Invention of Hugh Cabret, which is delightful.

I'm currently in the middle of Michael Burstein's collection I Remember the Future. I am very glad I'd read the second story in the collection before, because the first is the weakest, in my extremely arrogant opinion (and I am very glad he didn't go with the original ending, for at least two reasons).

The second story, "Teleabsence", was the first one he got published, and I remember crying the first time I read it. I tried to get my mother to read it, and I don't know if she ever did. But, I am sure that if she did, she liked it. I found out that it was written in response to a panel discussion. Oh yes, that's another thing I like about the collection. Each story has an afterword talking about how the story came to be written -- an afterword, if you please, not a forward to be skipped lest it give something away. Even when there's something I think weak, it's fascinating to see why the author made the choices he did.

One of the things I like about the stories I've read thus far is that they have the right sort of loose ends: not plot loose ends, but things just there, showing that, while the issue in the story is resolved, the world as a whole is not that simple. Heck, even in the first story, that's one of the things I liked (and one of the reasons I'm glad that the original ending was changed).

Hm. If I'm going to be blathering about this, I should probably start taking notes for a New York Review of Science Fiction piece.
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