drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Itching to run Tatters of the King

Over on Yog-Sothoth.com, there's a thread on the Best Call of Cthulhu Campaign -- from a Keeper's point of view (Keeper being Call of Cthulhuese for GM). I've been thinking about blogging about my opinions on the various campaigns out there, many of which I've run.

One of these is Tim Wiseman's Tatters of the King, which I consider impressive, but flawed. As I've been listening to the podcast of the Bradford Players' experiences, and as I successfully ran it (somewhat altered) for Cthulhupunk (mine, not Steve Jackson Games'), I figured I'd start there.

So, I began the reread, and took a bunch of notes. My issues are still there, but so is the impressiveness. And... I'd like to run it again, this time as a straightforward Call of Cthulhu game. It's heavy on the SAN loss, a bit lighter on the violence, and very heavy on atmosphere, something tricky to pull off, but the author made it work for me. And, in some ways, it allows the PCs to act more like, if not pure Lovecraftian characters, then characters who are the protagonists of a tale of Hastur and Carcosa, not detached investigators. Done right, PC loyalties may waver as Hastur's influence spreads.

jlighton says that he might be persuaded to play. I would still need 2-4 other players in the right mood for this. And, mneme and ebartley have both already played through this. (mnemex did volunteer to play some of the NPCs, though.)

I'll put the short version of my thoughts on Best Campaign from a Keeper's Point of View on the Notes from the Lab blog.
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