drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Sometimes Less is More in Writing

mneme and I were working on a play by email post. We did a really good job, and then lost that draft of the post. Sigh.

So, mnemex wanted a break, and we agreed that I'd use the most complete draft we could find and fill in what I could. He's now going over it and making it better, and raising an eyebrow or two at my quick fill-in dialogue. As I noted, I wrote fast, not well.

Me: I wanted to make sure the gist of it got in. I don't remember exactly what you said.

mnemex: But... this is...

Me: What? Blahblah silly villains blahblah did this naughty thing blahblah go fix. What more do you need?

mnemex: Less. We need less.
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