drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Impromptu Fire Drill

All is well here. Late this afternoon, I heard various smoke alarms going off and opened the apartment door to see smoke in the hallway and to hear people talking. I went back in, pulled on a shirt (being otherwise fully dressed), and grabbed keys, glasses, wallet, cell phone, and winter coat. I locked the door, dialing for mneme and calling out to find out what was going on.

I was immediately reassured that all was well. Someone had left something on the stove; I'm not sure who. I passed this news on to downstairs neighbors, who were also trying to find out what was going on, and noted that I was having a bit of a flashback to the building fire from 2011, the one we were happily not present for.

The landlord's oldest son was there and said that he'd had one too, and that this was exactly why he'd come right over, but all was well. He opened the roof door, which immediately improved the situation, as smoke dispersed and alarms quieted. I propped open the apartment door, which helped the ventilation, and, adrenaline and blood pressure now quite wide awake, started over on my new exercise routine with our lovely little In Motion machine.

I suppose I should have bee dialing 911 rather than Josh, although I was hearing enough to know that the odds were all was well or 911 had already been dialed. And, I suppose that if one suspects a fire, one ought to vacate at once, taking nothing, but I judged I had time to grab what I did, and figured that if this were an evacuation situation, I'd be much better off with a shirt on and a winter coat for the weather today. I didn't grab for computers, ereaders, books, or even stuffed animals.

It's nice to know I could do a fast bug out. But, it's even nicer to know that this wasn't necessary.
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