drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

What's Been Going On Lately

Happy Bloomsday, all! I've been:

-- proofreading Golden Goblin Press's Tales of the Sleepless City, a collection of Call of Cthulhu scenarios set in New Orleans
-- working on the revision of Straightjackets Optional's larp, Presque Vu, with the rest of the SJ team. I'll need instructions for one of the systems we tweaked, but I think I could run it as needed.
-- seeing Only Lovers Left Alive, twice, and wondering if I can get in another viewing before it vanishes from theaters.
-- playtesting the 2nd edition of Feng Shui, a roleplaying game whose 1st edition I also playtested, and writing and compiling playtest reports from my group.
-- getting swept up in the OMG We're Running a Convention, as Contata, the New York leg of the Floating Northeast Filk Convention is this upcoming weekend (in New Jersey, same hotel that does the Double Exposure gaming conventions
-- sampling the new herring at the new cafe for Russ and Daughters
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