drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

MRI Achieved

As expected, this was basically a day long thing.

9:30am: Alarm goes off.
c. 10am: We actually get up.
c. 11am: We head out and grab breakfast.
c. 12pm: We take the subway.
12:45pm: We arrive early, as instructed, for our 1pm appointment.
c. 1pm: We are told that the MRI unit is backed up due to a number of in-hospital emergency patients who really need their MRI Right Now, and that the wait will be 1-2 hours. Having already eaten, we settle into the relatively comfortable waiting area, complete with bathroom, and pull out books, tablets, and proofreading material.
c. 3pm: The MRI begins.
c. 4pm: MRI is done, and we receive post-MRI instructions and the green light to go. Maybe a little closer to 4:30 by the time we actually head out.

Mind, we still made our scheduled dinner by 6pm. No one mistreated us or delayed us unnecessarily. Folks were nice, and all went well. But, this is why we schedule the full day for this.
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