drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Creme Brule!

Monday, mneme and I went to Fairway to get some food. We also decided to check out the restaurant on the top floor. It looks lovely, a hidden jewel of the city. We got the price fixed meal.

The food was mostly excellent. That is, we aren't sure about the lamb, which may have been off. But, everything else was scrumptious. Clams and a salad with smoked salmon for appetizers. A deliciously soft filet, far better than the lamb. And, for dessert, a very good lemon souffle, and creme brule.

Creme brule is a bit risky for me, as I never know what I'll be getting. But this -- this is the closest I've had to the Platonic Creme Brule.

It was a little like tasting the lemon cake made by a co-worker's wife. I had never known that lemon cake could be so good until I tasted that.

It was like that, only with creme brule. And, the portion was huge! A big circular pan, of which I had half. I think it may have spoiled me for all other creme brules. Yum.

I am glad I saved most of my share of the lemon souffle. Well, some of my share. It was also huge. But it tasted better the next day, when I didn't have the urge to hold the creme brule experience in my mouth as long as possible.
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