drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Tricky larp decisions

So, I've been talking with zrealm about Jamais Vue and Dark of the Moon. For DotM, he's pointing out a dichotomy between my trying not to write idiot plots and mneme's trying to push things to the melodramatic. It boils down to three core issues:

1. Is DotM, then, to be a game of High Melodrama?
2. If so, what does it mean that DotM is a game of High Melodrama?
3. If so, what does combat mean in a game of High Melodrama?

The three of us really need to get together with batyatoon, ladymondegreen, sdelmonte, and akawil and discuss. This will affect the second draft.

crash_mccormick can help with general questions and experience, but he can't really attend a DotM meeting, as he's in our player pool. He is helping with a teaser game, as that involves nothing we plan to have in DotM except the world -- and working on world background is a good. Also, a teaser game will let us test the systems we -- for that part of we which is mnemex, I suspect -- come up with. The teaser's working name is Light of the Sun, and is unabashedly melodramatic, something easier to pull off in a 4 hour game anyway.

Meanwhile, zrealm has been going through the files for Jamais Vue, an amesia larp done by Straightjackets Optional, aka crash_mccormick, me, Eric Hansen for the first run, and mnemex and ebartley for the subsequent runs.

zrealm asks such questions as, "So, how do they get memories back?"

Me: Oh, that's right. We never actually wrote that down, did we?

zrealm: You have references to X. What is X?

And so on. We really want this game boxed and runnable by anyone looney enough to want to run a larp.
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