drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Movie viewing

Upon womzilla's repeating his recommendation of Pan's Labyrinth, I asked mneme if we wanted to try to catch a showing of it, given our chock full schedule. He found a showing, and we went. As expected, we liked it. The director also did Hellboy, which had a couple of oddly subtle touches. (Basically, the bad guy has this odd way of showing respect to his enemies, which explains why someone is conveniently left alive at one point.)

Hellboy was a nicely pulpy film, just what we needed to rent before running a larp, to wind down the night before. Pan's Labyrinth is darker.

Hm. If there were to be a film made of Adam Stemple's Singer of Souls, I think this is the guy I'd want to direct it.
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