drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

9 pm Stamps

Or, yet another reason I love my city.

So, on Monday, I met ebartley and jlighton, and we headed down to Chinatown for good Vietnamese food and Hell Money. We found both.

We needed the Hell Money for Ghost Fu, the larp that Straightjackets Optional is working on for Intercon H. ebartley's the lead writer. Now, I'd heard from my father that there had been a watermain break in Chinatown, but ebartely hadn't been able to find anything about it, so we took the subway, and, sure enough, Chinatown was still intact. I'm sure there was a watermain break -- anyone know the details? -- but I'd guess it probably got under control quickly.

We went to the first likely looking place, and I asked for Hell Money. One of the women in the shop said something in Chinese to the other, and she found what we needed. Then, jlighton found the Vietnamese place. It's downstairs, on a side street.

Then, we walked up Mulberry, looking for dessert. We went to Cafe Palermo, but before we got there, we were subjected to lots of "You want good food? Come in, right here, come eat." I'm more used to that happening on Indian Row than in Little Italy. And Palermo wasn't that full. Anyone know if Little Italy's been having trouble? Or is it just that going by at 10:30, as mneme and I did some years back, when we were fencing regularly, is enough after hours that folks don't try to grab passersby?

Either way, fortified by dessert, we walked to 11th Street, where ebartley wanted to check the hours on a store that sells rubber stamps. Yep, we needed one of those for the larp. The hours listed for the store are Monday - Friday, 4 pm to 8 pm, Saturday 1 pm to 8 pm, and Sunday, "Generally Closed". But, there was a note that sometimes the store stayed open later or opened on Sundays for the heck of it.

It was about 9:30-10 pm as we peered in the window, well after 8 pm. And, the store owner saw us and opened up. We came out with a lovely rubber stamp and a couple of pads of ink.
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