drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Contata Meeting... With Food!

So, mneme and I got up kind of late. And then, we moved slowly, and got breakfast. And then, we decided we'd still make what we could of the Wittenberg housefilk, ably hosted by batyatoon and sdelmonte.

I'd figured it'd take a while to get out there, what with the 7 train not running past, oh, 61st Street. We'd take the shuttle bus from there to the other bus. But, when we got on the train, the conductor announced that the train was running to Main Street/Flushing, and it did.

sdelmonte's comment when we told him this was, "What?? They don't even know what they're not doing!"

So, we actually got to hear some filking before the Contata ConCom Meeting, which was surprisingly painless. And batyatoon served this yummy pasta-and-meat-and-mushroom-and-onions dish. Much tastier than the pasta-and-meat-sauce that was a staple of my childhood cuisine.

So, yeah, I'm sort of pushing the con, which has a website here. But mostly, this is a belated thank you to batyatoon for a lovely dinner.
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