drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Seeking answers on John M. Ford plots

I have finished rereading The Last Hot Time. I reread Growing Up Weightless not that long ago. I'm still trying to figure out a few things.

For The Last Hot Time:

Okay, I get that Kitsune was in love with Phasia. That's why she tried to make a deal with Whisper. What did she think she was trading and for what?

Who tried to kill Doc in the explosion? Kitune? Whisper? Patrise?

Why? To keep Doc from curing Phasia, presumably, but why would any of these people think he could do that?

What are the removed bullets et alia good for? Doc uses the removed arrowhead from Whisper as part of the cure for Phasia, right? How does that work?

What is Doc's reflection?

What is the Word of Worsds? Why must it be whispered in darkness? How does it help Phasia?

How does Doc cure Phasia? Why might he almost have died?

Why is Patrise stepping down? How is what he does tied to Phasia? Does her glamour somehow extend to him? Is this why no one asked Birdsong the questions he thought he should be asked?

For Growing Up Weightless

Who killed the dead guy? Why?

What is the Earth agent up to, the one Ballantine warns against?

What is Earth up to?

What did Lynch Ballantine mean when he quoted O'Brien about the object of torture being torture?

What did Mike Ford mean when he described Ballantine's eyes as evil? What was Ballantine up to, anyway?

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