drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Another Star Went Out

Arthur C. Clarke died today. So far, my favorite tribute was the one Patrick wrote on Making Light.

I've read so little of his work -- Childhood's End, "The Star", 2001, 2010, maybe another story or two. What I'm reading about him now sounds a lot like what people said about Madeleine L'Engle at Lunacon this past weekend. I've not read enough of her stuff.

Sometimes, I think I should just stop getting books and read a lot of the classics -- libraries have many of these books that I should have read, I'm sure.

It won't happen. That is, I will try to fill in the gaps, and I'll succeed to a degree, but I doubt I'll stop buying books. There is good stuff that was published this year and last.

But, I am so not in the mood for the book I'm currently reading, and I will be relieved to be finished with it.

Poor book. It's not deep enough to be moving, but not shallow enough to be pleasantly mindless trash, and it really wasn't intended to be either.
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