drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Gaming in NYC

Tonight, ebartley, jlighton, and I discussed what rpg game we should play when we want to get together with mneme, but he runs a bit late.

One idea discussed and abandoned was The Princes' Kingdom. One reason it was abandoned was because it uses so many dice.

"We have lots of dice," I pointed out.

They pointed at the table in the sushi place where we were eating. It wasn't a small table, but it had lots of food, dishes, soy sauce dishes, water glasses, and tea mugs.

And, I realized that this is one of the complications of NYC gaming as we do it.

We are four adults who can find time to get together, but not necessarily at any specific time or any specific place. If we're not going to someone's residence, this leaves restaurants and places like Starbucks. Oh, and gaming as we walk on the streets of NYC, when it is nice, when it is raining, when it is cold, when it is snowing, when it is boiling hot.

Our strategy of die bubbles -- small, but not microscopic dice in the bubbles one gets from vending machines -- works fine if we're playing OTE. 6 dice, I think of 8 mm, where there's one of color A, two of color B, and three of color C work very well.

Feng Shui is pushing it, but between die bubbles with 3 dice of different colors, and colored plastic rocks for shots, and we're good.

But just try to play D&D 3.X like that, or DitV/TPK, and the physical considerations become an issue.
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