drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Singing Lessons

mneme has been helping me with a couple of singing bits. I'm not quite sure I can do this every time, but he got me to figure out how to hold the last note of my part of "Sorrow's Song" for long enough for him to sing the last four lines of his part. It's tricky, but it's not a question of having enough air. It's a matter of getting the sound out. When I couldn't do it, there was enough air in my lungs for me to exhale in exasperation.

The second thing is that, if the song is within my range to begin with, belting it out at a louder volume really does help me to hit the notes. I've been cast as Dolly Levi in Mike Young's Broadway musical larp in September, so I was practicing the title song. The final line of the verse, "Dolly will never go away again", went higher than I thought I could sing well. This was because I was trying to sing softly. If I belt it out, suddenly I've got no problem hitting the notes. Cool!
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