drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Thousand Dollar Sundae

Serendipity 3 has a thousand dollar sundae that requires 48 hours advance notice. We thought this was because it was a really huge sundae.

It isn't. It's a normal sized sundae. It has lots of gold leaf in it. As mneme said, basically, you're eating money if you order it. We didn't order it.

It's served in a crystal goblet, which you get to keep. You get to eat it with an 18 carat gold spoon, I think with mother of pearl inlay, but you don't get to keep the spoon.

And, my thought at the price tag? "Hm, a thousand dollars? I can do two cons, easy, on that money. Okay, one if I treat Josh to a con and it's a WorldCon or World Fantasy level convention."

Note that this figure includes expenses from going hog wild in the dealers' room.
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