drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

At Balticon, Friday

We are at Balticon. On the way down, I had my first encounter with Francesca Lia Block: I read Weetzie Bat in the Dangerous Angels omnibus.

I'm taking advantage of the free wifi, which even works in the basement, but only if one connects above ground and brings one's Device downstairs.

The freebie bag had cool patches and a nifty pin. The con suite is open non-stop until 2 pm on Monday, though the fare is basically chips and animal cookies. Basically -- I saw at least 3 cheesecakes at various times.

I picked up a Kenyon vampire novel from the freebie table, which I will likely give to lordess if she gets to the convention. I got to the filking at 11:30, and danced with mnemex while Dave sang Stan Rogers songs -- "Giant" and one of my all time favorite love songs, "Fourty-Five Years". Judging from how many people were singing along, I'd say it's a lot of people's favorite, or at least in the top ten. And mnemex, Crystal, Ellen, and I managed a credible version of Tom Smith's "Falling Free". At least, I presume it was credible. This is one of the songs I sing with "headphones", aka closing one ear with my hand so that I don't get dragged off the melody by folks doing harmonies. I think the filk ended around 2 am or so.

Had a chat with nightstalker about old vs new WoD Changeling. I may even remember it in the morning, once I've had some sleep.
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