drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Sunday at Balticon, Part 2

I also made the panel on novels and stories that can't be made into films. This was enjoyable, but we wandered on and off topic, and all over the map. I think this is partly because the phrase "can't be filmed" was not defined at the start. At various times, it was used to mean:

1. One simply cannot film the story. It is not possible.
2. One can do it, but one should not.
3. One can do it, but the movie would flop because most people just wouldn't get it.

I'm not sure how much falls into category #1 these days. Telepathy? You can do it with voice overs. Special effects? Anything we can't do live can probably be done via CGI or animation, I would think.

What literally cannot be filmed these days?
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