drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Silliness (LIke, this is news?)

Last night, I was rereading my own zine in Alarums and Excursions, the gaming apa edited by Lee Gold. It was about 2 am, which may explain why a comment I made to brianrogers sparked a thought in me: "So, in the play by email game I'm running, set in a weird high school in my 17-year-old game world, what Hogwarts houses would the PCs be in?"

So, I posted the results mneme and I came up with. Two of the players like the idea of a sort of Hogwarts thread of the game, kind of like the Buffy Musical episode. I'm not up for doing this for the Fall semester (which has about a month of game time to go), but if folks really want it, maybe for the Spring semester. mnemex asks if it'll be in or out of continuity.

I suppose I should count myself lucky that they didn't make the same request for the Dragaeran houses, as I posted a few of those.
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