drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Contemplating Hogwarts

So, after discussing the possibility of Hogwarts crossed with The Strange School Project, predictably, those of us in NYC are mulling over the idea of a general Hogwarts game, short term, with at least one PC in each house. Exactly who's gming is still a bit up in the air. The important thing is that the plot has to be convoluted. I think I know how to do this if I wind up as GM. I use the trick Ron Edwards taught me: Take a plot from somewhere quite different and warp it beyond recognition.

Ironically, the plotting is less of an issue for a Strange School crossover, where I already have convoluted plots hanging around to see if they're needed.

Group size is an issue, as those of us most likely to agree to gm can't really deal with huge groups. So, I'm figuring me, mneme, crash_mccormick, ebartley, jlighton, and our friend Erik (who doesn't have a 'blog, afaik), and we'll see if we're all interested when we start dealing with things like system, who's gming, and who's in which house. If we keep all of the above, I could see maybe adding one or two people, maybe not.

This is all brianrogers's fault, of course.
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