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Contata, Floor's Eye View

Emergency room trip notwithstanding, Contata was quite nice.

We missed much of Friday, but I was quite impressed by the bags premiere members got. We got a nice green tote bag with a large pocket on one side containing a large bottle of water, and two small pockets on the other side, each containing an apple. Inside the bag were cookies made by batyatoon and truffles from our own Count Spatula, all of which I am assured are quite good.

This is a nice little emergency food kit, and the water was really useful. We also got some special convention CDs, but I'm blanking on which deal held for which CD.

I'd agreed to work security with otherdeb, and we had an impromptu meeting of the four person security team before I went off to the ER. When I did, otherdeb was most emphatic that my only job was to get well. This really helped.

Saturday, mneme and I woke up a bit after 1 pm, and went down to the Tom Smith benefit concert. He pulled me into the main concert room and into a dance, and within ten minutes, we were up on stage with ladymondegreen, batyatoon, and Abby, performing "Falling Free", with microphones, no rehearsal, and no mandolin. I am told it sounded pretty good.

Then, we did some more dancing, and I felt uncomfortable enough to take one of the percossets the hospital sent back with us. After some discussion and experimentation, we determined that if I didn't move a lot, I felt much better, so I lay down in the back of the room, and listened to a lot of stuff that way. I missed "A Boy and His Frog", and I gather it was an amazing performance. I heard "Rocket Ride", after which Christine Lavin asked the folks who'd sang it to stay on stage while she called Tom Paxton and ladymondegreen called Tom Smith so they could hear all of us singing the song Christine Lavin meant to teach the audience the night Tom Smith hurt his leg. I decided to sing the men's part, which was much easier for me than the women's.

I heard some of Ben Newman's concert and most of Heather Dale's. All quite good. She said that "Mordred's Lullabye" surprised her by becoming an online favorite, and that "Hunter" was one of her Robin Hood songs, something I hadn't realized. I also hadn't realized she played the flute.

After her concert, mnemex and I went with Ian and Jackie, the nice folks who'd gotten us to and from the emergency room, to drop off my prescriptions at a 24 hour CVS with a 24 hour pharmacy, and then to dinner with Bdan and Will at an Italian place.

Normally, Italian is one of my last choices, but I was on orders to eat bland foods. I'd done challah and water all day. Chicken soup and linguini with sauce safely on the side was just fine -- and lots and lots of bread, as all of us really liked the bread and asked the restaurant to keep it coming. And, we ordered the lava explosion, aka a chocolate cake / ganache with hot chocolate sauce, ice cream, cream, and raspberry sauce. I ate a lot of the cake and avoided the cream and ice cream. mnemex ate some of it, and we handed the rest to Ian, who valiantly threw himself on it to save us.

We missed the Interfilk Auction in favor of a shower, and made some of the Bucklands' concert. At this point, the loud music that had disrupted things Friday night and that the hotel had promised wouldn't be a problem Saturday night was back in full force, supposedly to end at 10 pm. It didn't.

We sang loud songs, and I was reminded of just how much volume osewalrus can generate on his own, let alone with us. We did "MacIntyre", "Northwest Passage", and "Song of the Shieldwall", and I think the party next door got louder in response. Then, we did "Mytilene's Reprieve", and the bagpiper broke out the bagpipes. I may have missed "March on Cambreadth", but I heard "Road to the Isles" and sang a long with "Minstrel Boy". Then, Karla did her concert.

The noise from next door did not go away. If anything, it got louder. Nevertheless, from inside the room, Karla was quite audible.

The hotel gave us free ice cream. We wondered if they'd give us a pony the next night, and Ian said he'd want to eat it. We figured we'd set up the spit in the lobby.

mnemex rehearsed with his hatband, while I dropped by the consuite, seeing a miniature UN made from silver wrapped kisses and chocolate bars.

I joined up with mnemex, and we bought CDs and ate chocolate. Then, we went a-filking. My stomach was upset enough that I took one of the anti-nausea pills the hospital had prescribed, and it kicked in like magic. I'm guessing I overdid the chocolate.

osewalrus had a need to sing "The Old Issue", so I booted up my laptop and found the words. I don't know if anyone was taping it, but it was a good performance -- batyatoon and I were singing along, and I know fleetfootmike was playing along. It was just a partial release of eight years of anger and frustration, including frustration at some of what the people who are supposed to be the good guys are doing.

mnemex and I did a good, solid performance of "Sorrow's Song", and I had no problem holding that final note through the verse he sings.

Joe Giacoco started playing something instrumental on his guitar. At that point, I was lying down again, but I looked up and saw what his hands were doing to produce the sound, and just stared. He later played a song about someone trying to make pigs fly to win his lady love, who cites this as the necessary condition for loving him back. After, I suggested a jet pack, which made him laugh.

Figuring too much of a good thing couldn't hurt, I took out some paper and wrote "Flying Pig Tricks" at the top. I walked it around the circle, and folks wrote down various methods. As I'd hoped, Joe was delighted enough to want to keep the list. (I do regret knocking over a cup of juice while getting the ideas. It was after 1 am, and my motor coordination was off.)

Folks sang various Shakespeare inspired songs, and I sang the first verse of "Sigh No More, Ladies", with batyatoon doing the second. Someone, I think Ben Newman, sang this wonderful song about a couple, their love letter, and their negotiated pre-nuptual agreement, which delighted osewalrus. I liked it a lot, too.

At my request, batyatoon did "Lines Awaiting Armageddon", which I thought the folks who hadn't heard really should, and they seemed to like it. Nate Buckland did "Momma Don't Allow", and invited folks to improvise verses, which they did. Things were still going when mnemex and I decided to crash after an adequate performance of "Solace's Song".

Today, Sunday, mnemex rehearsed with his hat band, The Memes, which did "Live Journal Shanty". There were two other hat bands, one doing "The Heart of the Apple Lisa", a good performance with much audience participation, and the other doing "Rebel Queen". Then, Sassafrass did a concert, which sounded lovely, even if I dozed on and off, probably due to combination of evaporating stress, exhaustion, and the pain medication I'd taken.

After that MEW and Ed performed, with help from Heather, Ben, and fleetfootmike. They did a song whose name I don't recall, about a madman and a raven, "Give Yourself to Love", and "Ready for the Storm".

Then, folks started doing teardown, and mnemex and I made arrangements to do dinner with Kate and with Spencer. We had a wonderful dinner at Ruth Chris's in the hotel, which was made even better by careful ordering to keep the price down.

Currently, mnemex wants the wired connection, and then we want to filk.

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