drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Origins, short form

Ibuprofen is keeping the pain under control. I'm pouring the water in.

I did my main shopping run yesterday, and I don't expect to buy much more, apart from food and necessities. I may make a North Market run today or tomorrow. I admit I am jaded by having encountered the Reading Market first.

Thursday was an excellent Nobilis game with 2 gms in good synch with each other.

Friday, I had three Call of Cthulhu games.

Matt Wiseman's "Abduction" was wondeful, and with more laughter than most good CoC games tend to elicit.

"Victim's Ball" started slow, but had a great finish. As all heck broke loose in 18th century France, two of the PCs were having a lovely argument, while a third started a duel. Our particular run would make a good movie, and the game in general, a good larp.

I ditched early (e.g. 1 am) from part one of Brian Martin's "Find Me", a cool Dreamlands adventure. Given I'm only really waking up now, this was the correct decision.

ebartley found the UPS shipping in the exhibit hall. I handed her and jlighton a few of my purchases to add to her package.
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