drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Fw: Origins, short form, part 2

My Call of Cthulhu game, "The Festival" was cancelled. The gm had been sick, and had taken off sufficient days for that right before Origins that he couldn't then take Origins off. The Shuggothnet folks were prepared to run up to two exta adventures, but only 3 of us showed up, and a couple of other events had too few players, and, atypically, there weren't people eager to generic their way into any open Call of Cthulhu game. So, various games combined into one, and none of the ones left held my desire.

No harm, no foul -- the gm cancelled for cause, and Shuggothnet was very good about taking care of us. I went to see if I could get into Todd Furler's Tick game, using the d6 system, or "Candlewick Manor" for the game Monsters and Other Childist Things. Both were full, but I saw that the game of Narcissist had only one player, ebartley, and she and the gm were delighted to have a second player. The system was simpler than I'd thought. The gm, who is also the author, explained that, with complex rules for time travel, he wanted to keep everything else simple.

I succeeded in getting princeofcairo and ebartley to say hi to each other after acting as princeofcairo's walking encyclopedia (well, one of them, anyway), and utterly failed to get a copy of the 2nd edition Babylon 5 rpg for five bucks from Titan. Oh, I had a chance earlier, but passed it up, and they were sold out. I totally don't need it.

My evening game was "A Hole in the World", using the Unknown Armies system. Todd Furler gmed. jlighton played, as did some folks I've met in Todd's games over the years, and a woman from the Wednesday night Nobilis game. There were 7 players total.

Todd prides himself on keeping to his slot, but when a completely unexpected curve ball came from one of the players (one which did make sense), he looked at the clock, then asked if we minded if he ran late, saying he could hurry things along if needed. We were okay with this, and despite everything, managed to have our PCs muddle through. It was fun, if more chaotic than usual. I think there were more scenes with separated PCs than usual, but I could be mistaken.

Tomorrow, I may check out the auction store again. The auctioneer is amazing to me. It's like he's singing rap music, with barely distinguishable lyrics, even though I know what he's saying. At one point, he said, "It costs nothing to bid," and everybody laughed.

Painwise, it's a bit sharp near my talebone on either side of the spine. Water's still flowing, though I need to watch it when I feel so reasonable hydrated that I forget that I'm not just drinking to avoid dehydration.

I don't know if I will manage to hit North Market tomorrow. I sort of want to, but I don't really need to.
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