drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Origins, short form, part 3

I woke up very achy, but motion, water, and ibuprofen helped. I got to North Market, where I solved the problem of choosing a bread by describing what I wanted it for and asking the sellers to recommend a bread for me.

I did more shopping, finding Qin at half price. I preordered Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity. As I told mneme, I was naughty, but not frivolous.

I still don't understand why the d20 stuff has to be destroyed, but I did not attempt to save any of it today.

Lori Piper's 1 pm Unknown Armies game had a single opening, so I called ebartley, who was delighted to generic into it. It was a lot of fun.

The 8 pm Nobilis larp was a blast. mneme and ebartley were in it, as were a lot of folks I met over the last few days. Within five minutes, there was impassioned debate. And, I got to play Saffron Crawford, aka Death.

We're packed. My backpack is heavier than I'd like, but I'll see if I can adjust it tomorrow.
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