drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Origins, short form, part 4

I wasn't sure on waking up if it were really wise to make the Call of Cthulhu adventure with lots of warning labels, "Tales of the Bluebird". Still, by the time I arrived, I was over the worst of the morning blahs.

At least one of the two sections of this scenario got canceled. The gm was very apologetic, but also quite sure that the scenario needed further editing, and he did not want to subject us to a bad game. I don't know if the other section ran, as the gm for that had not yet arrived. I took the refund, and genericed into imogena's game of With Great Power, which was a lot of fun, and included playtesting some new mechanics. I asked when second edition was due out. She said that this wouldn't happen for at least a couple of years, as she and the_stalwart want to nail down all the mechanics and playtest everything. I approve.

It was a fun game, the first I played where all of us had played With Great Power at least once. During the game, ebartley called to say our flight had been canceled. We all got on an earlier flight, which is currently delayed one hour, due to weather conditions.
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