drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Medical update

A fairly painful ultrasound revealed a 5 to 6mm stone located between right kidney and bladder.

"Still fairly small" said the doctor. She called the doctor who saw me on Tuesday. He said I could call or come in.

I called the downtown office to explain this.

"Tomorrow," said the receptionist.

"Huh?" said I.

"He's not in today."

After some confusion, I figured out the right question. "Is he in the other office? Yes? Ah. Do you have the number? Thanks."

There, I got to speak to the doctor. Yay!

He wants me on an antibiotic. Now. He called that in to the pharmacy. Keflex, he says, though it'll likely be filled with a generic, which is fine, he says.

He wants me to see a urologist asap. He said there is one in the downtown office, but not my current gp, interestingly (who is, apparently, a urologist).

The doctor said he'd call the receptionist, and to give him ten minutes, then call her to set it up. A urologist, he explained, can dilate the tube and pull out the stone with an instrument, and he said the stone is "fairly large" and still sitting there.

We confirmed that I should continue to drink lots of water and avoid alcohol. He said those are the two big ones. And he said to call to tell him how it goes.

The receptionist gave me two numbers for two urologists. One is the doctor who is in that office every other Wednesday, from 9:20 to Noon. Mirabile dictu, this will be that Wednesday, and the noon slot is free -- the only one that is.

I confirmed the pharmacy has my antibiotics. And, I refilled the water bottle.
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