drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Medical Plan

For a urine sample, I was given a container to fill and told that any excess was to go into a beaker beneath a funnel under a toilet seat. Naturally, my period has started, but it was very light during my appointment.

The urologist thinks the stone has passed. I'm not sure how he figures this, but he says he's not relying on the old CTscan or the ultrasound. He wants me at Long Island College Hospital tomorrow at 10 am for a CTscan first, to see if stone has passed, if there are other stones, and so on. This version of the CT scan is an X-ray with no requirement to drink barium.

If there are stones, they will be smashed, and Josh will escort me as an ambulatory anaesthesia patient.

No eating or drinking after midnight for me. I have a new urine strainer, cute and collapsable, with a place in the cover to store kidney stones. Cute, collapsable strainers may be de riguer, but bulkier larger ones are much, much neater, pace the doctor.

I also have a prescription for Flomax, which the doctor said is usually prescribed to men for prostate issues, but which may expand the tube if there is indeed a stone caught in it. The pharmacist warned me it may cause drowsiness.

The urologist doubts I have an infection, but we agree that I'm going to finish the antibiotics regardless.

And, of course, I am to keep drinking lots of water, until midnight.
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