drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Health Update

Or, why one should eat yogurt with antibiotics.

As you know, Bob, antibiotics kill off all bacteria, good or bad. This includes the bacteria that keep me from getting yeast infections. So, I managed to get one. At least, that's what I think it is, and it seems to be responding to the medication I had in the house in case of just such a contingency. I'll be seeing the gynecologist tomorrow.

I actually called his office on Wednesday, and was told to send him email, as he uses RelayHealth. At that point, I hadn't figured out what was going on, so I wanted to ask if he thought I should come in. I sent a detailed email, and got no answer by Thursday. When I called, I was told to give him another day.

Friday, I called and asked for an appointment, figuring that, while I seem to be improving, I'd like confirmation, and a new prescription. The woman I talked to agreed, now that I was in appointment mode, as opposed to "have questions for doctor mode", saying that it's always best to check such things out. But, the gynecologist does not have Friday hours, just Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday hours. I have an appointment for tomorrow.

I then got, at long last, an email from the gynecologist, which said that my email was too long, he hadn't read it, and I should make an appointment to see him.

While this is annoying, it seems to me more an overall confusion about when email is to be used, and on the part of his assistants, rather than on my part, than the kind of slap in the face I felt my gp was delivering when I was told that calling him on his day off was out of line. I do wish the gynecologist had sent his reply on Wednesday evening or Thursday. And, one of the things I need to put on my list tomorrow is "Establish procedures" so that I'm clear on when to push for an appointment, when email is actually appropriate, and so on.

And, really, while yeast infections are quite annoying, kidney stones are worse.

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