drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Saw Hulk Movie

It wasn't as bad as I'd heard. In fact, it was fun to watch. But, it's no Iron Man.

The opening montage shows "Okay, Banner's Hulk, and this is the girl, and this is the guy who's the obstacle, and he's on the run." Lovely sequence -- we really don't need more than that.

After that... well, it's about 3/4 of a decent movie, and then it just ends abruptly.

Also, the General's tactics tend towards the stupid. I'm more a dove than a hawk, but I am so, so tired of the portrayal of the military as stupid and stupidly evil.

Okay, attacking in Brazil? Not bad. Good strategy to identify without contact, good plan to knock Banner out; it just didn't work. After that? Chasing Banner through a major populated area? Not great.

And then, planning an attack on a USA college campus? I am sure there are worse places to attack Banner / Hulk, but this is pretty bad. mneme says it's about the message: The general wants his daughter to see that Hulk = Monster.

Okay, yeah, I get that, but even so, attacking when he's awake, on a crowded college campus? Dumb. Really dumb.

Good follow up scene with the rival boyfriend, and one can see exactly why he thought he needed to call in the general, and why he understands this was a mistake. And the General's comment about his daughter, "Where does she -find- these guys?" is a lovely bit of understated praise for our heroine's taste in guys.

The NYC mad scientist is lovely. He's a completely different point of view on the whole Hulk / super soldier serum.

The big fight that follows? Okay, it's not boring. And, "pure soldier" vs "nice guy who happens to turn into a monster" is not a bad concept. But making this the climactic fight is emotionally rather hollow. I mean, so what? And, the movie pretty much ends there.

I wonder if there was anything cut. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I remembered two bits from the trailer that weren't in the movie. One was Banner saying to the General that the "only thing" that could defeat the Evil Abomination Soldier was "in me". The other was Banner telling Betty that he had to go far away from civilization.

The end Hulk sequence, with his eyes turning green during meditation, has me wondering what the heck I'm supposed to think. Did he induce this on purpose? Did he destroy the cottage where he'd set everything up so carefully? And, he's got the gold necklace -- does this mean Betty did pawn it, and Banner got it back?

The pacing was pretty good, but it still felt like we're missing about a quarter hour's worth of plot in there.

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