drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Latest Mummy Movie

I've not seen the first two Mummy movies. This one had some dumb humor, but apart from that, was a lot of fun to watch. Six competent protagonists, one of which is the monster. Undead armies clashing, with a one-armed skeleton with lots of personality -- but those protagonists had enough personality not to be overshadowed by him. The son knowing Chinese, thank you very much, and using it competently. And an interesting scene of a second string villain telling his underling to save herself by letting go of him, and her stubborn refusal to do so.

It would have been nice, as mneme said, if the fight between Jet Li's and Michele Yeoh's characters had been longer and cooler. It would have been nice if Michele Yeoh's character had made her grand speech to the undead army in Chinese, with English subtitles, like Jet Li's character did. It would have been nice if the dumb humor were absent, but so it goes.

I asked him if he thought this movie or the latest Indiana Jones movie were better. We both agreed this one was better. mnemex said that the worst scenes in this movie were nowhere near as bad as the worst scene in the Indiana Jones movie.

"Which scene was that?" I asked. So many possibilities, I thought -- aliens, ants, and so on.

"The refrigerator," he said.

"Gack!" I said, my mind having mercifully blurred that utterly absurd, totally unnecessary scene. What was that whole scene doing there? It was Bad Writing!

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