drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Mythcon 39 as of Saturday

mneme and I took a combination of train and cab that he'd researched was the cheapest for of transportation involving these two methods, and we arrived on campus close to midnight. At that point, it took us a few minutes to determine which dorm we4 were in, as I don't think anyone got that information until they arrived. We'd requested the one with airconditioning, but we were not surprised to discover we'd gotten the other dorm.

We were pleasantly surprised to get a lift to our dorm from a passing campus patrol cop. He apologized for the hard plastic seats in back, explaining that most people who got to ride there were in handcuffs, and their comfort was not his first concern. I suppose if we had to be in the car long term, this would have been an issue, but as it was, it was just fine for a few minutes, and we gladly forwent the cuffs.

Our room has three small beds. Two are in a bunk, and the third is a standalone. We currently even have sheets! They arrived the afternoon after we did. We were told that, even though the convention paid for linens, the university somehow failed to understand that it wanted linens. The guy in the dorm office had blankets and pillows, though, and one of the con organizers had run out to get blankets and sheets. Some of these made it clear that she had cats. Fortunately, as we are allergic to cats, we found a freshly purchased sealed sheet.

Emily Rauscher left her cell phone number and was wonderfully understanding about a) showing up at midnight to give us our meal cards and b) answering her phone at 7 am the next day to confirm that we'd found the correct building for breakfast. And, as the university had assured us, the lack of air conditioning has not yet proved a problem.

We also now have both soap and paper towels in the nearest bathroom. I'm not sure if these are con supplied or university supplied.

We were spoiled by the food at last year's Mythcon. Lunch and dinner have been at least adequate, but, while I had no problem with breakfast, the eggs have been roundly mocked, and I am assured that they are dreadful. I guess I was really hungry, as I did not notice. And, in an improvement over last year, there were no huge plants in the middle of the tables.

The papers have been good to excellent. The planetarium show was fun, although I dozed off as soon as I stretched out on the floor to see the sky better. The conversation has been delightful. The drumming circle was fun, and was still going when we decided to head back. It's been too long since I got to drum under the stars.

The schedule is really annoying. The woman who did the programming explained that everything had been scheduled much better originally, but the university had changed the meal times it had claimed to have at the last minute, requiring a lot of reshuffling. As a result, the paper track and the panel track run over each other, with papers going for an hour and panels for 90 minutes.

Tomorrow is my presentation, which is rougher than I'd like. I'm also not entirely confident there will be a CD player, as promised, given that the first night of video programming, the promised audiovisual equipment was in a locked box to which no one then on campus had a kay. Still, I have the words of the song I wanted to use, and can sing it in a pinch. Or, it may be possible to put the CD in a handy laptop.

And, tomorrow, we'll finally get to find out what won the Mythopoeic Awards. There seems to have been a high amount of consensus on the fiction award committees, but not necessarily sufficient for anything to be a shoo-in.

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