drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Cataloging Books

I rearranged my paperbacks, or at least, the bulk of them -- the mass market ones, not the trade paperbacks. The ideal was to put all of the ones I'd read in the back, alphabetized. This was the original idea, but over the years, there's been some decay in the system. I still had a stack or two that needed to go in front, but this all worked. I took pictures of the back layer of books.

Then, I opened up my spreadsheet. jlighton took a look and allowed as how whatever tool he uses would probably have some trouble with my older books. And, I buy used books a lot. And, as I'd thought, most of the paperbacks I've read are already in my spreadsheet.

I've piled up the unread ones in the front layer, and I even pulled a few books off the shelves to go out. So, I was able to fit some of my recent purchases on the shelves. Not many, though. I still have about 90 books to find room for, and only 20 of these are regular paperback-sized.

There's a stack of manga, but that doesn't worry me. The manga are the books jlighton figured the cataloging tool would be a natural for, but, as I told him, there's a fair amount of turnaround, as I realize that I'm not going to reread a particular series. Cataloging these are actually quite easy, as I'd just use one row per series and indicate which volumes I have.

No, the manga aren't a big deal It's the 65 - 70 large books I have. I've read some comments on Tor.com from people who will not buy paper books any more, only ebooks. I don't know if I'll reach that stage, but I sure haven't reached it yet.
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