drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

More Scanning

I'm not sure how much time the bar code scanner saved me, but it was educational. I've scanned all of mneme's books in the living room, and the folding bookcase in the bedroom. I'm not sure about the practicalities of doing the same with the other book cases, given their state of clutteredness, which is not actually bad for bookcases that one goes to to take down a single book or a small series to read, but is a logistical hassle for taking down books en masse to scan. I may do better entering those by hand, especially if I don't have to take them all down to do it.

Also, I've complicated things by working with the exported data. I found out how to spread the contents of a cell across a row, though not how to explain to Excel that I want only the text after the final space spread. Either way, though, there'd have been a fair amount of massaging. I just finished the massaging, so my author data is about right.

The bar code scanner looks up things on Amazon, which means that the information it gets is only as good as Amazon's database, and that database has some irregularities. For example, a couple of anthology are credited to every single author, rather than the editors.

I've had to do a lot of lookups, including mnemex's Destroyer books. He's got a bunch from random parts of the series. I found all but one, but the format for the titles and authors isn't always consistent.

Still, I have the bulk of his collection done now, thanks to jlighton, who brought his computer and his scanner over two days in a row. And his laptop is large and heavy.

I'm not sure I'm going to merge the two spreadsheets yet, but I should set up the same columns. Filling in the location for mnemex's books is going to be tricky, since I'd have to go through them all again. This was not data the scanner could supply. It may be better to combine this with rearranging the books -- if mnemex wants to rerrange them, that is.

I can put in who has and hasn't read the books. That's always useful.

I think I'm done with my 3rd bookcase in the study, which means it's time to go back to number 2, to finish it up, then on to number 4. I've been taking pictures as I finished a section.
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