drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

September Smiles

Today was a nice, low-pain day. I don't know how the next few days will be, or if the kidney stone or gravel is still there, but things felt a lot better. I got sufficient rest, and had the remnants of some very tasty biriyani.

After cataloging books and games and reading and composing various emails, I went into the city for the evening. I stopped by The Complete Strategist, in case they had Delta Green: Eyes Only. They did, and I bought just that, and nothing else. Not the new setting for Legend of the Five Rings. Not the campaign for the Conan RPG -- heck, I own first edition, not second, and I haven't even read it yet.

Then, I went to Sarge's for dinner, ordering the Third Avenue. This is enough to keep me fed through at least tomorrow afternoon. We're talking corned beef, pastrami, derma, and french fries. And, I got a slice of Mississippi Mud Pie, most of which came home as well. It wound up upside down, but it'll taste just as good that way.

Then, I went to Neutral Ground, and managed not to buy anything there. I chatted with jlighton and one of the folks on staff. After that, I made my way home.

It was a glorious evening in Manhattan.

Once home, I did some more cataloging. Then, I did some web browsing, and I learned about John Wick's special deal on Houses of the Blooded. I've wanted a copy for some time, but I figured that Eyes Only was my quota. I wasn't about to shell out another $45 just yet. But $5 for the PDF version? That I could do.

I've taken my ibuprofen for the evening. I think maybe some ice cream to round out the day.
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