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Right before WorldCon, my laptop's screen did this annoying flicker then fade to black number. I talked with someone at Asus. Turns out that the backlight and the screen aren't directly connected, and when Asus fixed the second, they neglected the first. So, as instructed, I sent the laptop back to them, paying only for the laptop case, not for the shipping.

They fixed it right quick and sent it back.

Alas, Asus must use FedEx. FedEx contacted me Wednesday at WorldCon to say there was an address problem. As far as I can tell, they thought they had the wrong company name and that the name of the person to whom the package was to be delivered was actually irrelevant.

To be fair to them, Asus should have put mneme's name on the package.

To be fair to me, the woman should not have rushed me off the phone and should have listened to me when I said that she should put mnemex's name on the package.

A couple of days later, I saw that the package had still not been delivered. I called, and talked to a man who said that I needed to call back the next day, and that the name of the person to whom the package was to be delivered was not important.

I called back and talked to someone who sounded more on the ball. I told her all of the above, and said that really, it was important to have the correct name of the person to whom it was to be delivered, and that this was the third time that I'd had to call FedEx on my vacation. (An unpaid vacation from job hunting is still a vacation, no matter how you slice it.)

She apologized, and I thought she'd taken care of it. Nope.

We came home from WorldCon. mnemex went to work and did not get the package, now a week later. Why not? Well, the receptionist, quite understandably, did not think she should accept a package for someone she knew did not work at the company.

FedEx, after three phone calls, did not feel the need to put the correct name on the package. This is not a matter of needing authorization from Asus as Asus also had mnemex's name in the contact information on their end, as far as I can tell, and, in any case, if it had been a matter of authorization, someone from FedEx would have said, "I'm sorry, but to do that, we need authorization from Asus."

mnemex talked to the receptionist, who said that now that she knew, she would accept the package and pass it along to him. mnemex called FedEx. I'm not sure if FedEx ever corrected its records, but the receptionist accepted the package the next day. mnemex and I discussed the proper way to do this in the future, i.e., Company Name first, then c/o him in the next line.

But, I am still not happy with FedEx.

The laptop is working happily.

I was less frantic than I might have been this time, because mnemex bought me Asus's Eee 901 PC. The keyboard is very small, but both of us can use it. I do need to be careful when I use a key in the cluster that includes the shift, the slash, and the up arrow. It is clearly not a machine for everyone, but, as I suspected, it works for me.

I brought it to WorldCon, using it for a songbook and doing a bit of web browsing and email on it.

I would have been less frantic still if I could have backed up the last couple of weeks of data from my laptop's hard drive, but, with the screen dark, that's tricky. Nevertheless, as we did last time, we pulled the hard drive before sending the machine back. mnemex supervised my removal of the hard drive, and me reinstallment of same when the machine returned.

So, I am mostly using the laptop at home and the Eee on the move. I am using the linux version of the Eee. It still operates more in line with my assumptions than the X-O.

There have been a couple of oddities. First, there was some kind of glitch in the automatic updating, so we disabled that and returned the machine to factory condition, redoing the few tweaks mnemex had made and adding a couple more. Asus may have fixed the problem, since we recently downloaded a couple of specific updates, and the machine is still working.

Yesterday, something odd happened. I had both an sd card and a flash drive plugged into the Eee. I opened a spreadsheet from a zipped folder of the flash drive and saved it as an unzipped spreadsheet on the sd card. The file was fine, but the filemanager program now could only find that single file on the card.

I continued working, since there was nothing on the card that wasn't backed up elsewhere except for the new file, which I backed up to the Eee before shutting it down for the day. When I got home, I put the card in my laptop. All of the files are still on the card. Nothing has been lost.

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