drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Pruning RPGs

I'm interested in pruning a few of my RPGs.

7th Sea Compendium
Nine Worlds, 1st edition
Beast Hunters
The Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries
For Thieves' World: Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn, Thieves' World Players Manual, Theives' World Gazeteer, and Theives' Quarter
Enemy Gods
Hero's Banner: The Fury of Free Will
Mage: The Awakening
Starchildren: The Velvet Generation
Vampire: The Requiem: Introduction Scenario
Dark Inheritance
In Dark Alleys
The Last Days of Constantinople d20
Haven: Secrets of the Labyrinth

Also, let me know if there's something specific you're looking for that's not on the above list. If it's something I have and am willing to prune, we'll talk.

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