drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

T-3.5 Hours

To ambug666's surprise, we seem to be ready for game start with sufficient space to play a quick game or two. mneme and I have a pie in the hotel room's fridge for tomorrow's pie contest. I've gotten clarification on one of my odder abilities.

We had originally gotten a room with 2 beds, but when I extended the reservation to Thursday, I'd been told we had to have a kingsized bed. While we did not have a problem with this, our room actually has 2 beds, as previously requested, which means we are able to help out someone who had crash space issues, aka lack of same. The room has a full and empty fridge, a stove, and a microwave, not to mention dishes and utensils.

The soundtrack for the musical The Producers is playing. If ambug666 has trouble finding something, we are coached to tell him it's in the computer bag.

I've made up business cards for Dolly Levi as matchmaker, as dance instructor, and as attorney-at-law. We went to Bob Evans for a late breakfast, where we got the pie. They also had a tiny bit of kitcsh labeled "Coffee Break" which we snapped up for the musical number of the same name. I think I would have liked How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying more if the movie had that number -- or if we'd realized it was on a bonus track and seen it. Hm. I wonder if the version I saw on youtube is that version.
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