drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

We Did a Baaaad Thing

Well, mildly naughty, anyway.

So, mneme and I were working on a play by email thread where ghouls appear. mnemex says that I do very cute ghouls. And I described them as singing -- well, whistling and meeping -- a merry tune.

mnemex took the keyboard and produced

There is nothing like a brain -- nothing in the world
There is nothing you can name that tastes anything like a brain!
So a suppose a brain gets creaky or its mind gets a bit sour
Or its memory is leaky -- or its losing its willpower
Or it's got a bit divided, hating everyone it meets --
When its consumed, it tastes like sweets.
There is nought from here to Spain that tastes anything like a brain!
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