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More OVFF Notes

Saturday night was the filk till dawn night. So, mneme and I drifted from one room to the next, folding dying filks into ongoing ones. Brooke Lunderville sang a song inspired by James Tiptree, Jr.'s "A Momentary Taste of Being". I forget the name of the song, but it was really good. And I should reread my Tiptree, and read the stuff I haven't read. mnemex hasn't read any of Tiptree's short fiction, just one of the novels. And I haven't read any of her novels.

I suggested "Falling Free", and we sang that, followed by Bob's "Six Transit Genetalia Centauri" (although a couple of the singers of the first weren't willing to sing on the second, but they were willing to listen).

batyatoon gave out Got Filk stickers at 3:25 am, declaring those left in the main room the winners of that filk.

We folded into the alternate room. mnemex was asked for his arrangement of "Faerie Fires". We sang until 6 am, and then a little longer when Ben noted that the restaurant opening was no reason to stop singing. Breakfast was delicious, but the waves of exhaustion were starting to catch up. mnemex and I crashed at about 8 am. He got up about noon, I think, and headed out, returning to wake me around 1:45 or so, although I didn't actually get out of the room until about 2:30.

By now, it was time for the closing jam, which wasn't filk. Well, mostly. Instruments included at least 2 harps, a bunch of drums, a bunch of guitars, at least one banjo, a couple of trumpets, at least one dulcimer, lots of rattle things, a couple of tambourines, one kazoo (mine), and singers. Occasionally, some of us danced as well. It was wonderful to be able to play the kazoo without fear of it jarring with the rest of the music.

Songs I wrote down from the jam (bearing in mind that my knowledge of popular music tends to be spotty, so my titles may be off)

Brown Eyed Girl

Quote following this: Hey, all you vocalists out there, the guitars are not going to get any quieter, so we just have to get louder!

Someone: We can take you!

Wimoweh. I'm fairly sure Barry made up some of the lyrics. At least, I don't remember the original talking about dragons and firelizards, let alone supernovae and how the village burns tonight.

Johnny B Goode: Again, I'm fairly sure the original didn't mention dinosaurs or our ancestors dancing in the primordial ooze. mnemex and I danced to this, as did several other folks.

Something else whose name I don't recall

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Somewhere around here, batyatoon called for a consolidation of the vocalists.

All Along the Watchtower

Gary sang On the Cover of the Rolling Stone.

batyatoon sang her version of Sinner Man, which blends the original song with bits of other things twisted to fit into a really creep and harmonic whole

At this point, we learned that the Interfilk Auction, voice and silent, had raised a total of $3,853, and this did not count money raised from haircuts. Also at this point, batyatoon and sdelmonte headed home.

Tim & Annie Walker reprised their song Howl at the Moon (at least, I assume that's what it's called), and afterwards said, "Okay, thank you. We can go back to being quiet and reserved and English now." And they had actually been too reserved to mention until now that they had a CD out.

Steve Macdonald sang American Pie.

By popular request, Tom Smith sang his song Rocket Ride.

Steve sang Leaving on a Jet Plane.

Someone sang something whose title I didn't catch. I think it was something about a fiddle.

Around here, I think the jam broke up. Seanan pealed a snake -- Spot the boa constrictor was shedding his skin.

mnemex and I went out on the Dead Dog caravan to the Mongolian restaurant. One bowl more than sufficed to fill me up, and it was delicious. We split a dessert. Then, we headed back for the Dead Dog filk, which I may try to write up later.
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