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OVFF Dead Dog and Departure

My hat's off to Mark Mandel for making it look so easy to keep track of who sings what at a filk. Wow.

Again, I'm not always clear on title or author. But, here's my notes:

Ben Newman: Dark Moon Daughter
Amy on fiddle
Someone whose name I didn't catch on the flute
Peter, on kazoo and banjo: Carnival of the Animals
Come and Join the Circle
Second Hand Songs
Jeff and Maya Bonhoff and Vixy: If What's Done is Done(?)
Instrumental, two fiddles leading
Vixy and Tony: Mal's Song
Jeff and Maya Bonhoff: Charlotte's Web Song to Mal's Song
Purple Cow variant
Stand By Your Spam
After Listening to Seanan's Maybe It's Crazy too much: Phil sang a song
about a world where girls hung around the chess team and a poor jock
dreamed of a different world where girls liked football players
Rob -- from Seanan's Iron Poet ("I called you after dinner...")
Bill Roper: Counting Down to the End of the World
Gary's song about the dog race
Peter on dulcimer: Witch Witch
Brooke: My notes say "Old hotel"
Someone on Fiddle (not Amy)
Vixy and Jeff Bonhoff: A song about Debbie of Urban Tapestry. The look
on her face was priceless.
Urban Tapestry: A song about how the squirrelss are taking over
A filk of Street Where You Live

The Cthulhu portion of the filk:

Badger: My notes say "Yell Right Into Cthulhu Face"
Do You Hear the Pipes Cthulhu
Ophelia (to Cecelia)
Tom Smith: I Had a Shuggoth -- the shoggoth went tekilili (I don't
remember the name of this one)
Blind Lemming Chiffon -- filk of A Boy and His Frog about H. P.
Lovecraft, A Boy and His Gods

I think Seanan was the one who said, "Now you will have five minutes for
a rebuttal"

Tom's Rebuttal followed in about 30 seconds, clearly invented on the
Ben responded with Lord V

Valerie did a song by Zander Nyrond -- I've Been Looking at the
Tom Smith: Ia Cthulhu Fthaghan
Tony and Vixy at Allison's request did a song by James Taylor.
Something about green is the color
Someone about being a stubborn loving mother (I missed most of this one
Mary: Infinite Diversity.
Bill Roper: Teenage Popsicle Girl
Joshua Kronengold: Monster in the Master's Lab
Sibylee Macht: A song to teach literary terms
Kathy Mar: Word of God
Mary: One man's poetry is another man's poison
Amy on fiddle: The White Ship
Teaching song about bones
Glory of the Sun
Peter's swansong for the night
First Wonder of the World
Steve and Sibylle -- A hilarious song about folks doing wedding vows with copies of the One True Ring
Jeff Bonhoff -- A song about ringwraiths and Sauron
Urban Tapestry's song for Sue and her husband Tom, it being their first married OVFF
Bill Roper sang something for Gretchen before she went to bed.
Something really spooky about a girl who lost her golden ball inside Mr. Fox's garden.
Vixy: SJ's Ravens in the Library
Tom Smith: A really good song about a man who was driven to distraction because his lover would not dance for him. He made that guitar sound like the desert (or at least my idea of the literary idea of the desert)
Me: SJ's Taglio
Someone: A little mermaid song, I think.
Tony, Vixy, Amy, Seanan: Counting Crows
Tony by request:Re Your Brains. Seanan noted that none of us went for the chainsaw that was right there. Vixy said, "For a zombie drill, this was a mixed success."
Kathleen requested a Fire Upon the Deep Song from Ben, and he sang her his new one. I don't think it's on his website yet. I'd guess it is called something like "A Wandering Pilgrim Soul"
Erica Neely, with Decadent Dave backing her up, sang a song about a pilot who risks insanity every time the ship makes a jump.
Frozen April
Swing the Cat, with Amy on the fiddle
Bob Kanefsky: Dreamer Cruising
Crystal did the Captain Jack (from Torchwood) song that goes to the tune of "Captain Jack and the Mermaid"
Someone did something about a love song that did not need any words
Tom and Sue: I met Jesus in the morning
Cover of Bill Roper's One Last Dance At the End of Time
Two people requested Paper Worlds
Urban Tapestry: Starsoul, another of our hymns
Someone did Ship of Stone
Gary: Sedona. I have to focus really hard not to slur the words on the chorus or get them mixed up with Sidonia.
Someone's follower about a slow colony. I have no idea what my notes mean.
Moshe did something with a refrain of "Must hurry, must hurry now"
By request, Tony sang Bob's The Girl Who Had Never Been
Decadant Dave: This Island Earth
Art: Crimson and Crystal
Alan Thiesel: Little Green Bug Eyed Monster
Steve: combined the Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald and the tune of Stan Roger's Free in the Harbor, explaining that this was the brainchild of Daniel Glasser who woke one night and said he'd had a dream that the one scanned to the other -- which was just fine until Steve realized that Free in the Harbor has a chorus, and the other, um, doesn't, so he thoughtfully filled that gap.
Robin: Falling Down on New Jersey
Maya and Jeff Bonhoff and Vixy: New Jersey Sleeps, by Bob, who explained that the names were not chosen at random, but from something Seanan wrote, and that Lori's PhD was on the works of Jane Austen
Ben, asking what people had against New Jersey, did a follower, the one about good old New Joi-sey
Debbie of Wild Mercy sang one of Dave Carter's songs for Seanan, something about Raggedy Ann. I'm guessing the name is Beautiful Phantom Doll
Kathleen Sloan: Spiral Dance
Jeff and Maya Bonhoff: A Soylent Green song, I think to the tun of Paper Worlds
Bob Kanefsky: Soylent Green
Swan song, from The Muppet Movie: I'm Going to Back There Some Day
Kathy Mar: Sam's Song. Anyone know why it's called that?
Phil sang something of Mike Whitaker's about three days away from the rat race, and I'm guessing this was about sf cons
Tom sang a nasty song about songs that Stick in Your Head and give you Tune Cooties. Steve kept singing it till someone threatened to hit him with a stick in the head, which means that there's a zen master filk in there somewhere.
Moshe sang about waiting for code to compile, to the tune of the Banana Boat Song
Steve sang a song by Subway to Sally, German Goth band. He said it was about A ship's captain who grounded his boat, but still wants to go out, though he can't, a standing against the storm kind of songs
Brooke said to Seanan, 'You're cuddling a chainsaw next to your jugular. That's kind of a good lead in to the song". It was about the day when the giant squids came.
Steve sang another squid song about Cthulhu having a face
Kathleen sang a song about being the neighbor of the Beast (667).
Someone sang something about being a werewolf
Ben: New song, revised version. Long Bright Day
Erica sang what I'm sure is a song about Daredevil and Electra
Kathy Mar: Don't Give Up On Your Dreams, a true story, and she even found the lady who'd won her writing that song, thanks to good chance and Jan.
Urban Tapestry: I'm guessing it was called Take Me the Way I Am
Braider Mary: Lift Up Our Glasses
Decadent Dave sang something about still waters.
Erica: East of Eden
Phil: I Think That It's A Thief
Robin: Either Puff the Magic Dragon or filk of same
I think the next song was about monkeys, and was sung by folks lying down because that was the song they'd used to test the echo capacity of a geodesic dome
Ben did another evil thing. This was a song about Moses. Or Luke Skywalker.
Someone sang a song about a woman who'd made a bargain with a fox woman, something about vengeance and childbirth
My notes just say "something"
Phil: It Needs Cats

The filk didn't exactly end at this point, but folks did a lot of talking and going to bed, leaving a handful of us listening to Ben sing and talk about the stories he may not actually get around to writing in the world of "Here Be Cartographers", and his paper on Princess Mononoke. Then, at 4 am, Moshe drove Ben and Bob to the airport, and mnemex and I crashed out for a few hours, making breakfast because Harold remembered, even if we didn't, that the buffet closed at 10, not 11, on Monday.

akawil and ladymondegreen drove us and Brooke to the airport. Except for Brooke, we were all on the same plane, which sat for a long time after we boarded, but between email and zonking out, I didn't much notice. Then, akawil picked up his car, and we got to play the loading game again, and he dropped mnemex and I at the PATH station.
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