drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

It's Alive!

Or at least revivified undead, I suppose. My laptop has been restored to factory condition. mneme did something to make her willing to go on the Internet without a flakey cable. And, while I'm thinking that maybe naming her after Jessica Rabbit might not have been the best idea, I'm keeping that name for her.

I've got a lot of the programs I use downloaded again, though not all of them yet, and I've not set them back up. I also need to get my old wallpaper back, a lovely picture of the universe with galaxies and things. Hopefully, I remembered to back that up in one of my folders labeled something brilliantly original, like "images" or "photos".

The power button is still amazingly sensitive. Stand by is odd. I set it to stand by yesterday after the restore, put it away, and twenty minutes later, heard it singing the "I'm on fully, but currently neglected" music it plays. So, I turned the laptop fully off. I'll have to experiment.

Things I'd like to find:

Something as good as Textpad, but freeware. Failing that, my old authorization for Textpad, as I did actually pay for an early version of it.

Something free in the way of anti-virus protection that isn't as obnoxious as Norton.
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