drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Computer Update

Okay, I've trashed the old iTunes library and recreated it using mp3 format. So far, so good.

Now, I'm trying to go through the iTunes library and kill duplicates. This is a bit challenging, as I have to find them to kill them. I'm going through the files, which is the safer way to do it, from my point of view. This way, I see when the file was created, so I know whether it was copied or converted from a wma. If I have a converted wma and an original mp3, I kill the converted wma-cum-mp3.

But I can't always match up "album from original collection" with "album in iTunes library", and I'd like to be able to do an easy inventory and comparison. I want to know if everything's now in the iTunes library, as well as what's redundant there. I'll keep the original collection as a paranoid back up.

Meanwhile, we are crossing our fingers on the tablet. It is supposedly on its way, and UPS confirms there is a package. Of course, the company we got it from wouldn't listen to mneme when he said that it was important to put the floor number in, so they left it out, and UPS can't add it until there's been a failed delivery attempt. I'm hoping that the first delivery attempt will actually succeed. Hence, fingers crossed.
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