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After some weeks of knowing it was there, I finished watching the Graveyard Book Video Tour. At some point, I hope to do it again, this time maybe figuring out a little of what Neil Gaiman is doing when he reads aloud. I know this stuff can be learned. One of the reasons a paper I presented a couple of years back went over as well as it did was that I practiced reading it over and over. Another reason is that it was an excellent paper, but that does not mean that the art of reading aloud is easy to master.

In The Graveyard Book, the hero is Nobody Owens. He corrects people who call him "boy" several times, saying "It's 'Bod', not 'boy'." I hadn't realized quite how often this comes up or how thematic it is until I finished listening to chapter 7.

In Coraline, the heroine is constantly saying "It's Coraline, not Caroline". And, there is one character who suddenly becomes able to pronounce it right when she finally learns his name and addresses him by it.

Names, as we all know, are important.
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