drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

On Hand Washing

I've read Jim Macdonald's post on the correct way to wash one's hands, which involves taking the right amount of time, and he suggested two possible songs to sing: a verse of "The Star Spangled Banner" or two verses of "Matty Groves".

On the way back from Intercon MidAtlantic, we stopped to eat at a Bob Evans. The women's room there had a small sign explaining how to wash one's hands, and suggested timing it with a verse of "Old MacDonald Had a Farm". The sign even included the words to a full verse of it, which I thought was mighty friendly.

Of course, my memory of that song, for many years now, has been of Musical Chairs' performance of it. I think it was Musical Chairs, not Technical Difficulties. Whichever group it was, I sat listening to it. I was sitting on the floor. I laughed so hard that the general consensus was that I fell off the floor. So, that's the version of the song I use for hand washing.

It's "Old MacDonald". Well, it's "Senex MacDonald". I have a much easier time singing it in Latin.
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