drcpunk (drcpunk) wrote,

Curry Brick... Sushi?

Yesterday, I had a hankering for Curry Brick Lane's dish of squid stuffed with seafood, so mneme and I planned to dine there. We met at 2nd Avenue and St. Marks. I passed a new noodle shop en route, but we didn't want to go back.

Before we got to Curry Brick Lane on Indian Row -- and I do recommend this place. It's a buck or two pricier than the other places on the row, but the food is excellent, and the stuffed squid is very reasonably priced -- we passed a Japanese restaurant named Nori. It's on Second Avenue, between St. Marks and 7th Street.

Outside, a blackboard advertised $1-a-piece sushi for selected types of sushi, including eel, mackerel, and Spanish mackerel, so we went in and sat at the sushi bar. We started looking at the other things on the menu, like a seared scallop dish that we saw prepared. Then, we saw the magic word: omakase, aka chef's choice.

We ordered the omakase sushi, which was magnificent. I think it was 10 pieces, but these were fantastic. mnemex loved the tuna, and he is not usually interested in tuna sushi.

This was the kind of meal where, while I am chattering like a bird until the food arrives, once the food is there, conversation stops. After, I managed "wow" and "oh my".

The waitress asked if we wanted more. Usually, in my limited experience with omakase, the answer would be "yes". But, we were torn. This was a very satisfying selection, and more would clearly taste just as good. But, there was a certain blissful satiation on sheer taste, not on volume.

So, we decided to do dessert. We ordered a chocolate souffle cake with a scoop of green tea ice cream, and a pastry that had many thin layers of sort of wafer-like pastry, like the kind in baklava, but with green tea instead of honey, accompanied by a scoop of red bean ice cream.


And, we discovered, the omakase comes in three flavors, not two. There is a sushi-sashimi omakase for the next time we do this.
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